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Proposal in the Sky
A moment to remember

My friend Mr Ho, a 36-year-old sales and operations director took his proposal to new heights, literally, when he took to the skies for his big moment.


Ho said, "I always wanted something that was less common. But it also had to be something that is relatively private as my girl friend does not like too much attention to be focussed on her." Chee Tiong mulled over serveral ideas such as proposing underwater and proposing at the place he and his wife first met, before deciding on the idea of popping the big question on a plane.

A whole lot of meticulous planning was required to make the glamorous idea 'fly'. For one, he could only confirm that the flight was going to take place about 2 hours before take off as he had to wait for my confirmation that the weather was good to go.

Once he received the all-clear, Ho brought his girl friend to Seletar Airport on the pretext of an outing with his friends. As the couple was circling St. John's Island, Ho quipped over the intercomm if it would be a good idea to hold their solemnisation ceremony there. She said "no" and Ho replied "that doesn't matter, what matters is the answer to the question I'm about to ask."

Caught by surprise but more than happy to agree, his girl friend gave her YES. Following which, the couple then flew over a few Singapore's scenic spots before celebrating the memorable event by popping some champagne at the hangar.


20 Oct 2012

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