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Lesser known advantage of Full Hybrid Cars

Optimum Engine RPM Ensures Optimum Used Engine Condition - Another Advantage of Full Hybrid Cars

Singaporean drivers are driving their cars faster and faster these days, not only in terms of speed at cruise but also in terms of the accelerations demanded of their cars. While modern car technology provides better ‘power to weight’ ratio nowadays, it is my humble observation that most of the time, cars are being driven beyond the designed optimum RPM. This is especially so for cars with smaller engine capacities below 2.5 litres.  

The implication to used cars buyers is that these smaller engine cars are more worn-out than before. They are much noisier and far less fuel economical than when they were new as a result of constantly being driven at high RPM in order not to ‘lose out’ on the roads. It is also a vicious cycle as the worn-out engines producing less power are forced to run at even higher RPM in order to produce decent acceleration. 

Cars with bigger engine capacities, on the other hand, do not suffer so much from this problem of ‘car owners’ abuse’. The sheer power of these cars more than adequately pulls them away from the crowd without straining the engines. Full Hybrid cars of petrol-electric type also possess abundant horsepower and rarely stress the petrol engines which are assisted by powerful and high torque electric motors during acceleration. The combustion engines of these full hybrid cars are computer-controlled to run at optimum design RPM at all times. For example, the RPM of the LEXUS RX-400h or RX-450h hardly exceeds 3000 rpm in any driving condition, no matter how hard you step on the accelerator…and the car will still give you an exhilarating century sprint within 7.6 seconds.  

So, my advice for those looking for used cars in Singapore: be very discerning on the condition of car engines below 2.5 litres. A good bet will be used cars with bigger engine capacity or better still, full hybrid petrol-electric used cars like those from LEXUS which will come with petrol engines that are as good as new.


Max Thiam Singapore

20 Nov 2010 


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