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My experience with my LTA approved Electric Bicycle - posted 2011

It has been 4 years since I bought this Electric Bike from Monotone Bicycle and I am still enjoying its nice ride and reliability. This Electric Bike is made of aluminium and hence it is very light and is even foldable. This is the picture of my bike: 


I have no worries using this bike for all my errands in the neighbourhood as it is one of the very few LTA approved electric bicycles. Most of the electric bikes on the roads are really not approved by LTA and the riders are basically waiting for a nasty fine from the authority. The bicycle I have it’s not only legal on Singapore’s roads, it is also safer and that’s why LTA is willing to install an LTA seal on it. See Picture below:

 LTA Seal.JPG 

For full specifications of what an approved LTA Electric Bicycle should have, refer to my related webpage at  http://www.maxthiam.com/Information-on-Electric-Bicycles.html



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