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Sentimental Flight

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9V-BOO's Last Flight
Piper Delivery to KL

by Max Thiam - 2 Aug 2014

Last Flight for 9V-BOO, an old Piper Warrior PA-28 from Seletar Airport to Simpang Airfield via Subang Airport on 21 Jul 2014. The aircraft was sold and was flown as a CAAS 9V registered aircraft to KL Malaysia before it was deregistered there. I had the privilege to fly this last sortie (aircraft delivery) for 9V-BOO - a beloved aircraft that had served many Singapore pilots well since the early 90s at The Youth Flying Club.



Getting ready to depart Seletar Airport for GOOD.



A special VFR flight over KLCC to hop from Subang Airport to RMAF Simpang Airfield due to haze (KL PSI was at 180)



Mission accomplished!!!

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